We are hiring! If you are interested in joining our group, please review the information below.

Ph.D. Students

Positions for Ph.D. are available each year for students with expertise in robotics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence. Prior experience in focus areas (motion-planning, reasoning with uncertainty, visual-based manipulation). Broadly speaking, we are looking for students with strong fundamentals who are interested in these focus areas and / or application domains.

If you are interested please apply through the WPI application portal for the Ph.D. program at the Robotics Engineering Department. WPI is one of the few places, worldwide, that has a dedicated robotics department. There is a serious emphasis on robotics as well as on creativity and innovation. It also offers one of the most competitive stipends in the U.S. with at least 39.000$ per year.

Prospective applicants should have a background in CS, EE, ME, or a related field, and a passion for robotics! Preference will be given to those with relevant research experience, and a significant emphasis is placed on programming and/or hardware skills.

WPI Master Students

Every year, there are several open positions for WPI Master’s students. Please note that I typically accept students only after they have taken my Motion-Planning (RBE550) course, which is taught in the Fall semester. This prerequisite ensures that students are well-prepared for the research work in the ELPIS lab.


You can reach out to me directly at cchamzas at wpi dot edu to inquire for specific positions and details. When you email, please attach your CV, transcript, and a brief cover letter outlining your research interests and relevant experience. If you have already emailed me, thank you for your interest in our research group. Due to the high volume of emails, I may not be able to respond to everyone personally. Please accept my apologies, and know that I do read and appreciate your messages.